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Counsel Egypt is a specialized and experienced law office for legal services for foreign residents and tourists, located in Luxor. The office features a distinguished legal team that covers all aspects of the law and the needs of our clients in the governorates of Luxor and the Red Sea, following up their cases handled by the office before all courts and prosecution authorities of jurisdiction in any place in the Republic.

The office also provides legal, documented and recorded consulting service and legal inquiry service for any cases via the internet and other services. In a manner that guarantees the privacy and confidentiality of our customers ’data anywhere in the Arab Republic of Egypt and at the same time guarantees a clear and specific legal service.

In Egypt, the policy of work within the prosecution and judicial courts still requires a lot of organizing and facilitating the procedures within it. Therefore, you need a legal team that provides you with clear and disciplined legal advice after overall study of your legal situation. It also makes you aware of the correct legal status and developments of your legal work with the office. This enables you to manage your personal actions and monitor your rights in the cases before the courts easily and at the same time.

Specialized legal advice prior to the litigation process is necessary for determining the most appropriate legal way to deal with your legal position, and studying your legal situation carefully will protect you from any legal procedures you take without studying and that may be help your opponent in the future to prosecute you, Therefore, deal with an experienced and legal office such as ours that guarantee a proper legal advice and representation.

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