Legal Team

Mohamed Noubi Mohamed

Mohamed, is a lawyer registered in the high degree of appeal and the Council of State in the Egyptian Bar Association, Mohamed obtained a master’s degree in public law from the University of Assiut / Egypt, and he also obtained a specialized legal study from the Faculty of Law of the Charles University / Czech Republic.

Mohamed previously worked as a free lawyer and regional manager for a legal consulting and research company in southern Upper Egypt. Mohamed wrote articles that discuss legal ideas, drafted a legal guide and edited specialized legal research. He also participated in attending several specialized regional and local legal conferences concerned with the law, including the country consultations session of the World Bank Group, Aswan 2014.

Tariq Abdel-Al

He is a lawyer registered in the Supreme Court of Cassation and High Constitutional in the Egyptian Bar Association, Tariq has extensive legal experience in writing appeals in the Cassation and Constitutional Cases as well as appeals at the Military Appeals Court, and he is the representative of the office before all these courts in Cairo.

Tariq previously worked as a legal consultant with high experience in several large legal consulting offices inside Egypt. Tariq lectured several seminars and conferences in Egypt and the Arab region discussing the idea of public and personal rights.

Tariq has prepared several specialized legal papers and research such as freedom of organization and political parties / for necessity provisions / case, and he has a regular article in the famous Egyptian daily newspapers such as Al-Masry Al-Youm and Al-Shorouk.

Mahmoud Al-Boery

He is a lawyer currently registered in the courts of first instance in the Egyptian Bar Association. He is the official representative of the office. Since his graduation, Mahmoud has worked as a freelance lawyer specializing in family issues, and register the built and space properties, and work of the real estate registry

Mahmoud participated in a voluntary legal effort before that for some cases, nominated by the National Council for Women

Fatma Harbi

Fatma, is a lawyer registered in the high degree of appeal and the Council of State in the Egyptian Bar Association. Fatma worked as a lawyer in several Egyptian law offices. It undertakes the representation of foreign agents of the office in front of the Ministry of Justice offices and the Egyptian Foreign Ministry documentation offices.